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Version information for selected Common Files, Deprecated, Base-World, WD-plugin (for Weather-Display weather software) key template files

Note: only selected key template files are checked with this script. Files with customary user modifications (Settings.php, Settings-weather.php, top.php, header.php, menubar.php, footer.php, most wx...php files, etc.) and graphics and weather tags files are NOT checked as they either do not contain version information or they are expected to be different from the distribution versions due to normal website customization.
The Recommend column indicates how the file should be handled. Mouse over a recommendation line to see additional information in a tooltip.

Installed Script
Version Status
RecommendRelease Script
Installed Script
Installed Script Internal
Version Description
Commonajax-dashboard.phpNeed update to
V1.34 - 2023-04-03
ReplaceV1.34 - 2023-04-03V1.33 - 2023-02-07ajax-dashboard.php - Version 1.33 - 07-Feb-2023 - Multilingual
Commonajax-gizmo.phpCurrent  V1.15 - 2022-12-27V1.15 - 2022-12-27ajax-gizmo.php V1.15 - 27-Dec-2022 - Multilingual
WD-pluginajaxWDwx.jsFile not installed  V2.25 - 2017-09-30ajaxWDwx.js file not found.
WorldAW-forecast-lang.phpFile not installed  V1.00 - 2020-04-10AW-forecast-lang.php file not found.
WorldAW-forecast.phpFile not installed  V1.03 - 2022-12-27AW-forecast.php file not found.
Commoncheck-fetch-times.phpNeed update to
V1.53 - 2023-05-13
ReplaceV1.53 - 2023-05-13V1.50 - 2023-02-09check-fetch-times.php Version 1.50 - 09-Feb-2023
Commoncommon.phpCurrent  V1.14 - 2022-12-27V1.14 - 2022-12-27common.php - Version 1.14 - 27-Dec-2022
WorldDS-forecast-lang.phpFile not installed  DS-forecast-lang.php file not found.
WorldDS-forecast.phpFile not installed  DS-forecast.php file not found.
Commonflyout-menu.phpCurrent  V1.10 - 2022-12-27V1.10 - 2022-12-27flyout-menu.php (ML) Version 1.10 - 27-Dec-2022
Commonget-metar-conditions-inc.phpCurrent  V1.21 - 2023-01-03V1.21 - 2023-01-03get-metar-conditions-inc.php - Version 1.21 - 03-Jan-2023
Worldget-meteoalarm-warning-inc.phpFile not installed  V3.16 - 2023-03-08get-meteoalarm-warning-inc.php file not found.
Commonget-USNO-sunmoon.phpFile not installed  V3.05 - 2022-12-27get-USNO-sunmoon.php file not found.
Commonget-UV-forecast-inc.phpFile not installed  V1.09 - 2021-02-12get-UV-forecast-inc.php file not found.
Commoninclude-metar-display.phpCurrent  V1.07 - 2022-12-27V1.07 - 2022-12-27include-metar-display.php - Version 1.07 - 27-Dec-2022
Commoninclude-style-switcher.phpCurrent  V1.21 - 2021-11-29V1.21 - 2021-11-291.21 - 29-Nov-2021 - add SameSite=Lax to all cookies
WD-plugininclude-wxhistory.phpCurrent  V1.11 - 2016-08-17V1.11 - 2016-08-171.11 - 17-Aug-2016 - replaced deprecated /e modifier in preg_replace
Commoninclude-wxstatus.phpCurrent  V1.13 - 2022-01-18V1.13 - 2022-01-181.13 - 18-Jan-2022 - fixes for PHP 8.1 errata
Worldmeteoalarm-codenames.jsonFile not installed  V1.04 - 2023-10-21meteoalarm-codenames.json file not found.
Worldmeteoalarm-geocode-aliases.phpFile not installed  V1.02 - 2023-10-19meteoalarm-geocode-aliases.php file not found.
WorldOWM-forecast-lang.phpFile not installed  V1.08 - 2023-08-07OWM-forecast-lang.php file not found.
WorldOWM-forecast.phpFile not installed  V2.02 - 2023-03-06OWM-forecast.php file not found.
Commonplaintext-parser-data.txtCurrent  V1.06 - 2011-01-01V1.06 - 2011-01-011.06 - 01-Jan-2011
Commonplaintext-parser.phpCurrent  V1.31 - 2018-11-30V1.31 - 2018-11-30plaintext-parser.php Version 1.31 - 30-Nov-2018
WorldPW-forecast-lang.phpFile not installed  V1.08 - 2023-08-07PW-forecast-lang.php file not found.
WorldPW-forecast.phpFile not installed  V2.52 - 2023-02-24PW-forecast.php file not found.
Commonquake-json.cssFile not installed  V3.00 - 2019-05-13quake-json.css file not found.
Commonquake-json.jsFile not installed  V1.01 - 2020-07-07quake-json.js file not found.
Commonquake-json.phpFile not installed  V3.03 - 2020-06-30quake-json.php file not found.
Worldquake-UK.phpFile not installed  V1.08 - 2023-07-15quake-UK.php file not found.
WorldSettings-language.phpCurrent  V1.00 - 2011-11-17V1.00 - 2011-11-171.00 - 17-Nov-2011 - initial release w/ lang=he included
Commonthermometer.phpFile not installed  V1.19 - 2022-12-27thermometer.php file not found.
WorldVC-forecast-lang.phpFile not installed  V1.08 - 2023-08-06VC-forecast-lang.php file not found.
WorldVC-forecast.phpFile not installed  V2.02 - 2023-02-23VC-forecast.php file not found.
WorldWC-forecast.phpFile not installed  V1.05 - 2021-01-01WC-forecast.php file not found.
WD-pluginWD-trends-inc.phpCurrent  V1.07 - 2017-09-30V1.07 - 2017-09-301.07 - 30-Sep-2017 - added Dew Point to trends display, baro to 3 decimals, note about data
Commonwxforecast.phpNeed update to
V1.09 - 2023-05-18
ReplaceV1.09 - 2023-05-18V1.07 - 2023-02-091.07 - 09-Feb-2023 - fixes for ec-forecast alert display
Commonwxgraphs.phpCurrent  V1.07 - 2021-05-14V1.07 - 2021-05-141.07 - 14-May-2021 - added WeeWX graphs support
Commonwxmetar.phpCurrent  V1.01 - 2011-11-27V1.01 - 2011-11-271.01 - 27-Nov-2011 - display 'Distance to station' mods
Commonwxquake.phpFile not installed  V3.00 - 2019-11-13wxquake.php file not found.

To update your template set to current script version(s), use the updates tool page with a query set for 03-Apr-2023 for Base-World, WD-plugin

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